Delivery average times for tailor-made

Each item are made to order. These are approximate times it means that it’s not 100% guaranteed. Sometimes it can take longer than expected. I always do my best to get closer to the indicated time, but sometimes due to a late restocking, or other logistical problem, it may take longer.

The deadlines are not cumulative, if you take 2 minimap, that does not mean that it will take 10 weeks to do them. For very large orders, I would attach a personal message to indicate an approximate time between taking charge of the order and sending it

Sling 2 Point
7 weeks
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Micro Rig
7 weeks
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Med Pouch
5 weeks
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Fanny Pack
8 week
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Swag Bag
7 weeks
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Mini Map
12 weeks
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Duffel Bag
12 weeks
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Waist Pack
8 weeks
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The latest products added
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  • Hand crafted
    All tailor-made products are made by hand, with heart and passion!
    Cocorico !
    Handcrafted! Yes ! But in France monsieur-dame! 100% local like the charolais
    A wide choice of camo
    It is a point of honor to offer you quality camos from all countries! You will surely find happiness!