Plate carrier


Front & back panel with molle system

Plate fitment : SAPI

ITW buckle 25mm / 1″

Size : ~ 10″ x 12.5

For the front panel you could choose 2 differents camo, for the top (part with patch velcro) and the bottom

/!\the back panel will be the same color as the front bottom color /!\

exemple : if you choose on the top : multicam / on the bottom : multicam arid  then, back panel will be in multicam arid (or please add comment if you want different )

*** IF YOU USE REAL PLATE PLEASE TAKE CORDURA FABRIC ONLY  *** please check here for cordura fabric : 

For airsoft, with only fake sapi plate, you could choose what you want, but care, plate carrier will have better life with cordura fabric 

Cummerbund and shoulder pad not included

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